I wasn’t going to put my 2 cents into this because everyone seems to be pretty dead set on their stance. However, I am physically incapable of not sharing words on something I feel so strongly about and a topic that to me, shouldn’t even be an issue.

The reason people are debating abortion right now has nothing to do with woman’s rights. It has to do with morality. It has to do with choice. Just maybe not in the way you think.



First I want to talk about the choice. When you make the CHOICE to have sex with someone, protected or not, you make the CHOICE that that act may result in the creation of a human life. If your CHOICE is to only know someone for a night or a week or a month or whatever, then sleep with them, you have made the CHOICE to possibly have that person be a part of your life for the rest of your life. And if you didn’t know them well enough to commit to the rest of your life with them (because you know, babies are PERMANANT) then you made the choice to live with any consequences that result from that.

As a woman, we can make the CHOICE to sleep around, or to get to know if someone is really a potential match before we take that next step. So yes, I am PRO CHOICE. I am pro choosing a man who is caring and thoughtful and motivated and getting to know him and if he might make a good dad before sleeping with him. Once you make the choice to have sex with someone, you are signing the silent biological contract of womanhood which states that a pregnancy might result from your CHOICE. So, if a baby does result in that CHOICE, you NO LONGER HAVE A SAY. Because guess what? You gave up the “rights” to your body when you made the decision to participate in an act that was designed for the creation of human life.

This absolutely baffles me. From reading posts and articles you would think that sex is something people don’t take seriously anymore.

Oh, wait… it’s not?

I am so sick of hearing all this bull shit about “It’s a woman’s body.” “It’s a woman’s choice.” in relation to KILLING a life inside of you. It WAS your body. It WAS your choice. You made the choice to have sex, and I’m sure at some point along the way someone told you that sex=babies, the birds and the bees are not that complicated.

Am I perfect? Have I ONLY ever slept with men who would make the perfect father? Absolutely not. But have I ever had a one night stand, or slept with someone I wasn’t interested in being with? Absolutely not. It’s ok to make mistakes. It is not ok to sleep around with random people and then not be held accountable for things that result in those CHOICES.



I want to take a second to address those who do not have a choice. The innocent girls and woman who were subject to an act so evil…no person ever should have to experience. Those woman and girls did NOT get a choice. Rape is the devils way of perverting the most incredible gift that God has given us. No woman should ever have to live with that type of evil inside of her. And when it comes to that point, yes, they should then be allowed to make the choice that was originally taken from them. And NO I don’t think they are going to get up to the pearly gates and be turned away because of a decision they made about something which resulted from an act so vile I’m sick even writing about it.

God is merciful. God is forgiving. God does not hold a person accountable for the evil act of another.



For six months in 2016, I thought that my choice was taken away from me. I was told that because of a medical condition, I would not be able to have children. I was told that at 24 years old there was a strong likelihood that my uterus would have to be removed. I was devastated. After speaking with the doctor, I sobbed alone in my car for almost an hour. I felt broken, I felt cheated, my choice was taken from me. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine and a load of support from my family and friends, my reproductive organs are intact and I might be able to have children of my own.

There are millions of woman out there who are not as lucky as me. Who desperately want a baby and aren’t able to conceive or who have suffered miscarriages. Yet here we are FIGHTING to end millions of lives In Vitro or in some states, AFTER the baby could live outside the womb!?

How incredibly BARBARIC

How incredibly SELFISH.

If you are so afraid to have a child that you are willing to end a life to prevent it. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT HAVE SEX. I can’t understand why abstinence is such a foreign concept to so many people. Don’t want babies? DON’T HAVE SEX! It really isn’t complicated.

If you absolutely do not have the self-control to keep your legs closed, get on the pill. It’s still free despite what some news outlets are saying. Use a condom. If you just absolutely can’t help it, at least TRY and prevent a human life from being created if you don’t want that. Take some freaking responsibility for yourself and your choices.

All this talk about abortion has nothing to do with men telling woman how to use their body. It has nothing to do with woman’s rights. But it has everything to do with the importance we put on sex and choices. My parents taught me the incredible responsibility attached to having sex, the emotional repercussions of having sex, and the life-long decision that sleeping with just one person could possibly have.

Please instead of us teaching our kids and trying to convince each other that woman should be able to abort their babies, let us teach them the importance of morality and most importantly, practice it ourselves.

Lets stop using “Woman’s rights” to promote this hidden agenda which is irresponsibility, ignorance, and the blatant disregard for the incredible gift which we have been given to create life.


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